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    What is Coach Connect?

    什么是Coach Connect?

    Coach Connect is a project dedicated to increasing access to excellent coaching. We offer free articles that are relevant for students debating in China, which will help them improve with limited resources. Coach Connect also offers private coaching services, and premium content including additional frameworks, blocks and arguments which can improve competitive success at a debate tournament.


    Coach Connect为辩手们提供更多机会参加高质量的辩论课程。我们会免费为国内的辩手们提供与辩论相关的文章与其他材料,我们希望可以通过这些有限的资源来帮助辩手们提高实力。Coach Connect同样为辩手们提供一对一的定制辩论课程,以及会员内容,包括额外的辩论框架、论点等,以此来帮助辩手在日后的辩论赛中取得更好成绩。

    Why Coach Connect?

    为什么选择Coach Connect ?

    Instead of honing your skills at a debate camp twice a year, you will be able to learn when you want. Coach Connect posts articles about innovative debate arguments, public speaking tips, and showcases debaters who champion tournaments in China.


    除了在一年两次的辩论训练营中提高你的辩论技巧;通过Coach Connect,你可以在任何你需要的时间段进行学习。Coach Connect会上传辩论相关文章,包含创新性论点、公众演讲建议、国内辩论赛的冠军展示等等。


    Students can also work with private coaches or use premium resources created by our debate professionals. Each week you can view when your coach is available and book a time to speak with them one-on-one. You can work with our coaches on nearly any debate format, in English or Chinese, to help you get ready for any tournament.




    Through Coach Connect, your coach can help you prepare for all aspects of a tournament, learn a new perspective on a debate topic, or discuss any other debate questions you may have. Whether you are an experienced debater or a complete novice, Coach Connect serves as a platform to connect you with the best debaters and coaches in the activity.


    通过Coach Connect,你的教练可以帮助你全方面准备辩论赛,从全新的视角来审阅辩题,或者讨论任何辩论相关问题。无论你经验丰富还是初涉辩论,Coach Connect都可以将你与顶尖辩论教练联系在一起。

    Why Work with a Debate Coach?


    A debate coach is a valuable resource for experienced debaters looking to improve their performance at tournaments and for newer students striving to improve their understanding of debate fundamentals. Coaches can help students work through research materials, build and develop their cases, and point out areas for growth.




    A debate coach can unlock a student’s potential with personalized coaching by guiding them through different areas of debate. From theory to practice, students will see vast improvements in their public speaking ability and knowledge of the topic.



    How much does Coach Connect cost?

    Coach Connect的费用是多少?

    At Coach Connect, we offer free and paid products. Our free products include articles helping students improve their debate ability, free videos showcasing the top debaters, and other pieces of debate advice.


    在Coach Connect,我们既提供免费产品,也提供收费产品。免费的产品包括:帮助辩手们提高辩论能力的文章,展示顶尖辩手的视频展示,以及其他一些辩论相关技巧的建议。


    We also offer private coaching and premium resources. We believe that the longer you work with your coach, the more rewarding experience is for you. For that reason, we offer lower rates for students who sign up to work with their coaches for more hours. If you split coaching sessions with your teammate, then the hourly coaching fee is as low as $35USD / ¥240RMB if you book 30 hours. Since the price of coaching depends on how many students join each session and how many hours you sign up for, you can fill out the registration form and our team will contact you with more information.



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